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Jump Start Your Fitness!

BodyFoundry is a fitness company providing boot camp and personal training for anyone looking to meet their fitness goals. They offer group training, body weight fitness, conditioning classes and fitness recreation. BodyFoundry promotes a healthy lifestyle through fitness for everyone. Their focus is on improving performance by forging the body to perform stronger, faster, better – whether in sports or in recreational activity.

At BodyFoundry, they train you by combining aerobic, core and strength exercises, using natural movement and your body weight as resistance with minimal equipment involved. Their training method is designed to work with any fitness level and is progressively challenging to maximize caloric expenditure. What are you waiting for? Jump start your fitness!

Please view website for hours of operation.

*These certificates are valid for a 4 week program that include 3 fitness classes per week. Visit BodyFoundry's website at to sign up for classes. At the end of your registration, enter the code found on the back of your certificate.

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